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My studio/gallery is located in Riverside Park in historic downtown Bonita Springs. It is in a historic fishing cottage: one of six that have been turned into a small artist village. The Imperial River runs alongside the cottages and privides a great way to get out on the water, into nature, and find inspiration for my next piece. 


The cottages were built in 1945 and appeared in a Sean Connery movie, “Just Cause.” It was filmed in the early 1990s.


My studio/gallery will be open during all city-planned events in the park. You are also welcome to come by to see the gallery whenever I am there. I am usually there from around 10am to 5:30pm on weekdays but sometimes cannot be there due to other errands and requirements. Send a message or give me a call using the "contact" page to find out when I'll be there for sure!